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Ambrose Slade Publicity shot 1968Since 1997 there have been various polls running on the various Slade In England forums, social networking sites and pages that have asked various questions regarding the band and their body of work. The results of this 'fan stuff' has now been collated together to form the most comprehensive poll ever taken regarding Slade and the music they wrote and recorded during a career spanning four decades.

The charts focus on individual tracks or Lp's and the fans were asked four simple questions....



What are your favourite 20 Slade tracks, the ones that you would choose to listen to over all others...

What are your least favourite 20 Slade tracks, the ones that you dislike the most..

What are your top 5 albums...

What are your bottom 5 albums..


The results were carefully recorded so that an accurate measure could be arrived at, multiple versions of a single track have been added together, for instance...The swing version of My Oh My where it has been voted for has been added to 'My Oh My', there has been no seperate vote recorded for a different version of any track.





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