New Slade In England Version of 'How Does It Feel



With their Skinhead image beginning to work against them the band ended their three record deal with Fontana looking for the breakthrough single that would catapult them into the national psyche' and they really should have made more of a mark by releasing a brilliant cover version of an obscure US chart hit by 'Max Frost & The Troopers', a fictional rock band from a cult US film 'Wild In The Streets' .

Despite the record generating enough interest to get them their first 'Top Of The Pops' appearance the single was to sink without trace leading to a complete rethink by Chandler regarding the image and direction of the band.

The Skinhead look had certainly gotten them noticed and written about, but as the Skin fashion in the country turned from young men and women proudly wearing their Doc Martin's, Sta-Prest trousers, two tone suits, Ben Sherman's and braces into a snarling media fuelled movement of violently aggressive hooligans, the countries concert hall promoters and TV executives were shying away from booking the band fearful of the perceived Skinhead audience that would accompany them.

The B side was a Holder composition 'C'Mon C'Mon' .

In 2004 Fontana, as part of a retrospective original release campaign reissued the single as a limited edition 500 pressings.





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