New Slade In England Version of 'How Does It Feel




Slade, as recording artists started climbing the long arduous ladder to the number one position in the charts way back in 1966, when as 'The N' Betweens' they got some studio time with US impresario Kim Fowley. As a result of their time with Fowley in Denmark Street's famous Regent sound studio where the band managed to get one of the tracks they recorded, a cover of the Young Rascals hit 'You Better Run' released by Columbia record lable. The single of course failed to do anything nationally but drummer Don Powell claims that the single occupied the number one position in the local Wolverhampton charts.

The vinyl release was backed with 'Evil Witchman' a reworking of an old Artwoods recording ' I Take What I Want'

The original single is highly sought after with fewer than 20 copies known to exist which prompted clever bootleggers in 2006 to press up and sell vinyl bootlegs of the promo version of the release. I know of two collectors who were duped into paying well over the odds for the singles believing them to be the genuine article.




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