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Brrrrr...getting colder now as autumn turns firmly to winter, still, not to be put off we delved back into our archives to dig out this recent photograph taken bt a fan on a beach in the Far East as former guitarist Dave Hill enjoys his holiday away from the glam and glitter of youth clubs in former Eastern Bloc countries.


Dave was a little self conscious without his hat.

Come on H, reveal.....


Wow....what a response we had to the November competition! For the first time in competition history we had a dead heat for the first prize of two free tickets to go shopping with former Slade guitarist Dave Hill PLUS a five pound gift token that can be used in any newsagents to top up a pay as you go phone.

It won't come as too much of a surprise to see that the first caption that tickled our ribs here at the SIE offices in Hounslow came from perennial rib tickler P Farrington from Merseyside, however, just as the last day for entries to be received was drawing to a close, a Mr M Spunkster from Leeds clinched a share of the prize with his succinct and to the (relevant ) point caption.

Things were really hotting up and it was clear to see by our bulging post bag that the December Compo would be the most successful yet....


So, for the December competition, we once again rummaged around in our bucket of photographs and offered up this image for the eager beavers out there that have been hanging on waiting for their chance to win a half price voucher to see Slade 2 - 8 on one of their famous pre Xmas shows.


The Doctor immediately realised two things. Firstly, he'd landed in WW1 and secondly, his latest regeneration really hadn't worked out.


The final competition of the year winning entry came from a competition winning regular and once again the name of K Hollinshead will be engraved on the trophy. We now know that the K stands for Keith and he is a boy, so well done Keith. Unfortunately Keith has not included a return address and so once again we will store his prize with the others he has not collected, although a years supply of 'Noddy's bangers' can be collected from any participating branch of Lidl's.


Well that's all for this year folks, stay tuned to this frequency throughout the year for more red hot competition sizzlers.




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