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And what a day it's been.......for nearly five decades I have been a fan of Slade, man and boy I have championed them at the cutting edge of fandom in my very own uncompromising style.

Slade In England, after nineteen years and three months is no more.

It takes time and no little effort to maintain a vast web site such as Slade In England had become, many many hours of painstaking research to bring veracity to the Slade story.

It takes effort and money to maintain the domain and of course the time it takes to meticulously make the fruits of the labour involved available for all to read.

Over the years I have been continually dismayed at the way the content of this site has been copied and pasted by others to further enhance their own web spaces, this has been done without any regard or reference to where they have taken the information.

Years of work copied and taken in a few moments by a talentless lowlife without an original thought or idea in his head.










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